Specialized stumpjumper 2021 release date

Each iteration of the Specialized Stumpjumper is looked upon as a chapter in the progression of MTB design. In normal times, we'd be referring back to notes from a media camp and reflecting on several days of riding, and several hours of product briefings from engineers, product managers, etc Unfortunately that's not where we're at right now, so instead we've got a whole bunch of info from Specialized about their new Stumpjumper EVO, and will deliver our test impressions once our test bike arrives.

So, while we can't comment on how this sucker rides yet, we can share the info we have and say that at the very least, we think it's going to be an improvement on the last gen EVO, which was progressive perhaps a touch too progressive, at least in terms of BB height on the For now, enjoy what we've got, and we'll bring you a test as soon as we can manage it.

Frankly, it would've been pretty slick to just put that sucker out and then drop the mic, but, details, geo, spec, pricing, colours, we get it. Here's the details from Specialized We have access to more trails than ever, built with more diversity than ever, riders are progressing and nailing what was previously impossible, and now the new Stumpjumper EVO has evolved to meet the demands of modern riders.

Delivering unprecedented control, capability and adjustability, along with unexpected climb-ability, it tames any terrain from chundery jank to progressive high-speed flow and modern big hits. The EVO brings control and capability to every rider, every style, in every trail scenario. This bike serves up so much control, you can pick lines you never even saw before. And in those inevitable pilot-error situations, the EVO is your auto-correct for blown lines and your insurance policy for misjudged hucks.

The not-so-minor details

Available in six style-specific sizes, the Stumpjumper EVO sets the benchmark for progressive trail geometry, delivering DH capability never before found in a mm bike alongside lively climbing manners. The generous cockpit gives you the room you need—centering you on the bike, optimizing traction and corner control. The low bottom bracket, slack headtube angle and reduced fork offset keep things stable in the rough, while giving you the freedom to destroy the turns, float through them, or nail the inside lines.

A steeper seat tube optimizes power output and puts your weight over the front while climbing. And short chainstays keep things flickable and nimble. See, two riders might be the same stature, but have totally different styles.

The poppy rider who flicks her bike around the trail will be even poppier on a smaller bike. The rider who plows chunder and smashes rocks at speed will plow and smash with conviction on a longer bike. Determining your size is easy, each of the sizes from S1 to S6 correlates to a previous size.Oct 6, You must login to Pinkbike. Don't have an account? Sign up.

Spotted: Is This a New Specialized Status?

Specialized's latest version of the Stumpjumper EVO has undergone a number of revisions forreceiving more travel, more adjustability, and more internal storage than ever before. There's no longer a dedicated Construction and Features The new Stumpjumper EVO's carbon frame has a similar silhouette to its predecessor, with the single-sided Sidearm front triangle design, but the new frame is lighter and can hold more snacks and tools in the downtube. The claimed weight for an S4 frame is grams 6.

A spring loaded multi-tool still sits in the steerer tube, along with a chain tool and a quick link. Extra storage room means you can carry more gummy bears, or use the oz bladder to bring your fluid of choice. There's plenty of chain slap protection, and a little flap to keep rocks from getting pinched between the swingarm and front triangle.

Geometry adjustments no longer take place at the shock mount - that's moved to the chainstays. It first debuted as an aluminum frame inand even when the carbon frame was eventually released there were only two sizes available.

That's no longer the case — Specialized has gone all in with the newest version, offering a total of six sizes, from S1 — S6. That gives a reach range of to mm in the stock setting. The new version is incredibly adjustable, thanks to an included headset insert that allows for 1-degree of head angle adjustment in either direction.

There's also a chip on the chainstays that allows for another. That means it's possible to set the bike up with an extra-slack degree head angle, or to steepen the head angle to a more conservative That gives the size S4 a mm reach, Overall, the reach numbers are modern without going too crazy, but riders looking for something even longer could easily size up without running into fit-related issues.

The largest two sizes, S5 and S6, get longer chainstays to help accommodate the taller riders that will be riding them.

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Flip chips in the chainstays allow for. The included headset cup makes it possible to slacken or steepen the head angle by 1-degree. I stuck with the. Up front, I inflated the Fox 36 to 84 psi, with one volume spacer installed. I trimmed the handlebars to my preferred mm width, and after a couple rides swapped the 50mm Deity stem out for a 40mm stem. I started out with the bike in the stock configuration, and by the end of the test period I'd tried 4 out of the 6 possible geometry settings — I'll go over my findings in the ride impressions section.

That gave the bike a degree head angle, 42mm of bottom bracket drop, and mm chainstays.

2021 Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Review: The Classic Gets Better

Those numbers would have been radical just a few years ago, but we're seeing more and more bikes in this travel bracket released with similar head angles - the Transition Sentinel and Norco Sight are two examples that come to mind.

Now, degrees isn't that far off from what you'll find on a DH bike, but thankfully the Stumpy EVO climbs much, much better than a downhill sled. That relatively light weight helps, and while the Horst Link suspension layout may not be quite as snappy as some of the dual-link designs out there, the latest version has a good amount of support for those out of the saddle sprints.

Traction takes priority over an extra-firm, super efficient feeling ride, which helps keep that rear wheel from spinning out on those slippery, tricky root-filled climbs. Pedal strikes are a little more common in that lower geometry setting, but I ended up sticking with it because of the cornering benefits. Plus, most of the climbs where I live are more rooty than rocky — there's a little more give when you hit a pedal on a stump compared to running into a solid chunk of granite.That means more sizes and multiple geometry configurations.

With the new Specialized S-Works Stumpjumper Evo, Specialized revamps its most radical trail bike to date, with more frame sizes and multiple geometry configurations. Read more: Best full-suspension trail bikes for Specialized reintroduced the Evo in and it was an instant hit with journos, bike shop staff and anyone who wanted a no-frills trail bike with the geometry and attitude of an enduro bike. The new Stumpy Evo still makes most enduro bikes look conservative, and now it comes in a wider size range with even more standover.

It had such an impact on me when it was launched that I nagged Specialized mercilessly until it got so sick of my gushing and pining that it sent me a frame to build up as a long term test bench. All Stumpy Evos now come with 29in front wheels, mm travel forks and mm rear travel. To see such a powerful global brand such as Specialized take a punt with a bike like the Evo was exciting to see, and it certainly motivated other mainstream brands to modernise their approach to sizing and geometry.

The big news is that Specialized has ditched And, for now at least, there are no alloy frames either. Never say never though, even if Specialized tells us that there are no immediate plans for one. The Stumpy Evo comp sits at the opposite end of the range to the S-Works.

That means a range of reach measurements that starts at mm and extends to an enormous mm. Now the top tube line flows back at a similar angle to the seatstays, creating space for the saddle to drop into and your knees to pinch. Chopping down the seat tube height and increasing the standover has really opened up the possibilities for getting sideways and steezy.

Another key point is that the old bike had a really short head tube mm on the S3 combined with a mm travel fork that pulled a lot of rider weight over the front wheel. It was something that took me a while to get right without making the bike too slack or too short. For the new model, not only has Specialized increased the fork travel by 10mm, it has also lengthened the head tube by the same amount on the S4 and 5mm on the S3.

Suffice to say I had no problem getting the right bar height and weight balance with the new bike. Longer head tube and extra fork travel makes it much easier to get a comfortable cockpit height and weight balance on the bike. The previous Evo was a rare beast in that it actually had two usable geometry settings. In other words, it was the all-round, versatile trail bike setting. For the new Evo takes that tunability to the next level with an independently adjustable head angle and BB height.

There are three settings in total. Specialized has designed a system of offset headset cups to give the variable head angle. These alloy inserts drop into the frame — no need for a press as the bearings sit directly in the cups — and by producing both angled and a straight-through versions, two different cups give three different head angles.

The neutral setting that the bike is shipped in is a claimed Switch the cups and you can rake it out to Drop the BB height and those numbers will slacken by a further 0.

The switch is quick and can be done with a multi-tool, meaning you could actually do it in the car park before a ride.

Combined with a flip chip Horst link that lets you change the BB height, there are six different geometry settings on the new Evo.

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Now on most Specialized models, changing the head angle is done at the shock yoke, which means that there is an unavoidable effect on bottom bracket height.

A slack head angle means a low BB and vice versa. But the Stumpy Evo also has two BB heights, which, innovatively, are achieved via a flip chip at the Horst link. This changes the BB height by 5mm, with the lowest setting a claimed mm and the highest being mm. It also has a knock-on effect on chainstay length, with the rear centre extending by 5mm in the low setting.May 4, You must login to Pinkbike.

Don't have an account? Sign up. View this post on Instagram. Looks like a Never thought i'd be saying that Well to be fair Specialized has been using this configuration way longer than Cannondale. I guess the habit just came to mind that because the angles on this thing. Previous years' stumpys all have that one sided thing going on, so I forgot what older ones looked like. Your right. It looks like a long travel habit, which all Cannondale hate aside, is a rad bike.

JLastra May 4, at Kinda looks like a revel too. Either way, cool bikes. DaFreerider44 May 4, at Despite bobbing a lot on climbs, it was fast and I wasn't any slower on the ups. Downhill, it feels a lot slacker than the geo would suggest on the rough and straight, but was also peppy on the twisty stuff and for airtime.

Its no surprise that Bryceland loves jibbing on it so much. Lisonowa May 4, at I would say more like Capra with water bottle option. Let's hope this won't become a "Habit" Kmans May 4, at Below Threshold show comment. RoadStain May 4, at I will leave out HeadShock and Lefty. Mattlamb May 4, at Looks like the front end of the former gen Nomad and the rear end of the former Enduro Looks like an Enduro if you designed it for function instead of trying to use "x-frames" or "shock tubes".

If they make it in Raw Aluminum for a decent price with modern geo they'd sale a shitload of them The cannondale habit is a blatant rip off of the stumpjumper. You're bassackwards on this one.We expected them to hang around for a while, because in the world of mountain bikes, three-to-four years is a pretty standard lifecycle for a mountain bike frame. Once a new chassis is introduced, typically only the components and graphics change from year-to-year.

What originally started out as a bit of a niche model, the EVO or STEVO as we affectionally like to call it has always existed as a radical offshoot of the regular Stumpjumper. The EVO originally came to life as a sort of pumped-up version of the Stumpjumper, providing an opportunity for the product team to get spicy with the suspension and build kit to add a little extra kick to an otherwise mass-appeal trail bike. The last Stumpjumper EVO was different though. The current Stumpjumper EVO left was introduced in as a freakish offshoot of the regular Stumpjumper.

Things have come a long way in two years though, as the new Stumpjumper EVO aims for a wider audience. While it was pretty bonkers at the time, the dust has settled on the Stumpjumper EVO over the past two years. More big brands are adopting new-school geometry, and more riders are seeking it out which we could argue is both good and bad. Indeed forthe Stumpjumper EVO is is no longer a niche offshoot. Humble words indeed from our American pals.

To see just how ultimate it really is, Specialized put a Stumpjumper EVO Expert into our hands for a week to test out on home dirt. It might not look like it at first glance, but the Stumpjumper EVO is all-new from the knobbly tyres up. No longer will you find separate 29in and It is possible to set it up as a mullet though — Specialized produces a specific rocker link that allows you to fit a The soft flask is shaped like a Santa sack, and tucks in above the bottom bracket, keeping the added weight low in the frame.

Also included with the bike is a waterproof tool roll, which I packed with a tube, tyre levers, CO2 and a Dynaplug. But think about it — the last Stumpjumper EVO was absurdly low and slack already. And with Specialized having launched the new Enduro last yearwhich has reclaimed its title as the big-hitting hooligan of the range, the new Stumpjumper EVO has been refocussed to become a more versatile allrounder designed for a broader range of riders and trail types.

With that in mind, things have been tweaked accordingly. Specialized has moved back to mm crank arms from mm. Out of the box, the bottom bracket actually sits a little higher than before, and the head angle is actually steeper too. Both of those can be adjusted though — more on that in a bit. Rather than just S2 and S3, the new Stumpjumper EVO is now available in six sizes from S1 through to S6, accommodating a much bigger range of rider heights.

The general idea of S-Sizing is to choose the right size based on your riding style and preferred reach, rather than just how long your legs are. Prefer a more nimble and poppy ride for slicing up twisty singletrack? Go down to an S3. Looking for maximum stability for going flat-out on chunky, wide-open trails?And that is, indeed, true as ever, but incident response is also the business of anyone operating an endpoint, including consumers, whether using the internet on a desktop, laptop or mobile device.

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Review: 2021 Specialized Stumpjumper EVO - More Travel & More Adjustability

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